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District Electoral Divisions: Population by age


This table provides 285,402 counts that classify 1911 Irish census records by Age at District Electoral Division level.

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District Electoral Division Code District Electoral Division Label Age Code Age Label Count
01001Antrim, Aghagallon-1Not specified5
01001Antrim, Aghagallon0020
01001Antrim, Aghagallon1119
01001Antrim, Aghagallon2235
01001Antrim, Aghagallon3325
01001Antrim, Aghagallon4432
01001Antrim, Aghagallon5529
01001Antrim, Aghagallon6627
01001Antrim, Aghagallon7728
01001Antrim, Aghagallon8833
Showing 10 out of 285,402 values

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