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This table provides 70,610 counts that classify 1911 Irish census records by Townland or Street.

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Townland or Street Code Townland or Street Label Count
01001001Antrim, Aghagallon, Aghadrumglasny49
01001002Antrim, Aghagallon, Aghagallon124
01001003Antrim, Aghagallon, Ballycairn156
01001004Antrim, Aghagallon, Ballykeel38
01001005Antrim, Aghagallon, Ballymacilrany118
01001006Antrim, Aghagallon, Derryclone98
01001007Antrim, Aghagallon, Derryhirk60
01001008Antrim, Aghagallon, Derrymore228
01001009Antrim, Aghagallon, Derrynaseer96
01001010Antrim, Aghagallon, Drumaleet107
Showing the first 10 out of 70,610 values